Meet the tot whose crazy hair often stops strangers in the street and is often compared to Elvis Presley's iconic quiff

Meet the tot whose crazy hair stops strangers in the street and is often compared to Elvis Presley's iconic quiff.

Mum Kiaya Leach, 21, couldn’t believe her eyes when her 12-week-old daughter Hallie was born with a full head of thick, black hair.

The little girl is often compared to the rock and roll legend as her luscious locks have naturally formed the Elvis-like hair style.

The single mum insists her baby’s hair has a ‘mind of its own’ and rejects any attempts to flatten it - so she has decided to 'embrace' the do.

Hallie is adored by her big brother, three-year-old Hunter, who affectionately calls her ‘’Hulk’ after comparing her shaggy hair to his favourite superhero.

Kiaya, a stay-at-home mum, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, said: “Everyone compares her hair to Elvis Presley.

“It’s naturally gone into this cute little quiff – just like his hair.

“I’m always stopped in the street by people who can’t believe how much hair she has.

“We’ve done everything to try and flatten and brush it, but it does what it wants.

“I’ve stopped trying to style it now and just let it do its own thing.”

After spending five hours of labour, Kiaya welcomed baby Hallie into the world on 5 July 2021, weighing 9lb 7oz.

But the first thing medics commented on was the thick mop of black hair she was sporting.

Hallie’s hair is already 3inches in length Kiaya claims it’s growing at breakneck speed.

Kiaya said: “The first thing the doctors said was how much of a big baby she was and how much hair she had.

“It never stops growing – I can’t believe how long it is already.”

The mum of two had tried everything to ‘tame’ the mane, but nothing will flatten her hair.

Despite washing, brushing, and styling, the luscious locks always bounce back to standing up right- so Kiaya has admitted defeat.

She continues: “It gets greasy quite quickly, so we have a dedicated hair wash day for her.

“I’ve combed it back, to the sides, but it always sticks up again.

"I've decided to just leave it be because she looks so cute.”

The mum-of-two said she often stopped in the street by stunned passer-by who comment on Hallie's locks.

Kiaya, who lives at home with her other child – Hallie’s brother Hunter, three, – said his hair also turns some heads.

“He’s got this thick long blonde hair – they’re quite the pair,” she said.

“Hunter absolutely adores his little sister - he's really obsessed with her.

"He calls 'Hulk' because she's he's also got thick, black hair.

"He's nicknamed 'Thor' because of his hair so we have a pair of superheroes.

"I don't plan to get it cut anytime soon.

"I love seeing how long it gets."