Meet the UK pensioner who has shrine to André Rieu and a life-size cardboard cut out

SWTPandre - By Kate Pounds Meet André Rieu's biggest fan - an OAP who has 100 photos of him in her flat including a life-size cardboard cut out she greets every day. Lil Rolfe, 80, first fell head over heels when she saw Andre in the Royal Command Performance ten years ago. Since then she's been obsessed with the Dutch violinist's relaxing music and luscious long hair. The number one fan has 100 photos adorning her one-bed flat, and has a weekly 'date' with him every Monday when she watches one of the dozens of DVDs she has featuring the conductor. The grandmother has all his major performances on CD which she plays in her flat from morning until night. And when she heads out she wears one of her range of facemask featuring the musician. She says 'good morning' and 'good night' to a cut out of her idol she keeps at the foot of her bed. Bizarrely the retired factory worker has never been to one of his concerts. She was due to go see him in Birmingham during the pandemic but wasn't able to attend due to Covid restrictions. Widow Lil from Brighton said: “People visiting me always get a shock thinking I have a man in my bedroom - but he can visit my bedroom any time. “I love everything about him - his music is so relaxing. “I also think he really cares about people, and he gives a lot to charity. “He doesn’t like people to be late I’ve heard, and I’d be the first there every time. “I’ve read the book about him written by his wife and it's the only book I've read since leaving school. “I’d love to meet him, but I think I’d just stand and stare with my mouth open. “My heart would beat so fast, but I’d love a photo of us together. “I’d tell him to always carry on with his music, because it makes people happy.” Lil has lived alone since husband Ronald Rolfe died aged 55 in 1992. Most of her photos are on a dedicated 'Andre wall' in her living room, which also has a violin hanging on the door. She owns more than 50 CDs and DVDs. Her favourite photo is one of Andre sitting with his chin on his hand, in a thinking pose, and one of him in a pink jacket. “I just like the way he looks in those,” Lil said. “He’s smiling in all but one of my pictures - I love that about him. “I love it when he does his little Calypso dance. It really tickles me. “I’d love to see a photo of him in his swimming trunks.” ENDS

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