Meet the woman turning trash into treasure and making up to $4k a month

Meet the woman turning trash into treasure and making up to $4k a month - by upcycling thrown-out furniture.

Cameron Gallegos, 23, quit her corporate job to start 'flipping' discarded furniture full-time - and now makes between $3,000 and $4,000 (£3,365) a month.

She says she had always been good at upcycling - so decided to take the plunge full-time nearly two years ago and she hasn't looked back.

The savvy seller makes use of 'Bulk Trash Days' in Austin, Texas, US - when local government officials go to a different neighbourhood in the city every weekend and collect unwanted furniture.

Cameron turns up with her own truck and spends her weekends scooping up any free furniture left in front gardens and driveways.

She looks for items with the potential to be upcycled and sold on for a profit and also uses Facebook Marketplace to find any free gems.

Cameron usually spends a few days on each piece in her garage - giving it a new lease of life before selling it on Facebook Marketplace for a profit.

With her biggest outgoing cost being petrol $300, Cameron spends no more than $200 a month on materials and supplies.

Cameron, from Austin, Texas, US, said: "I get a weird adrenaline rush out of it. I just get so excited when I see a piece of someone else's junk.

"I quit my corporate job as a Subsidiary HR Manager for an Engineering Company and started flipping furniture full-time two years ago. I just really went for it.

"I realised I was doing it all the time anyway so I just thought I should give it my all.

"There was more pressure, but it was good pressure. I felt in charge of my own destiny. Scary but worth it.

"It's pretty low risk high reward if you can make it work. I'm making three to four grand a month through selling. I'd love to try and grow that.

"I'm only spending around $200 a month on paint and tools which I buy from hardware stores, but my biggest outgoing cost is petrol which usually costs $300 a month."

Cameron goes to a different neighbourhood every week in an effort to find her next big project.