Meet the young entrepreneur with no qualifications who makes a living doing odd jobs on his tandem bike

Meet the young entrepreneur who left school with no qualifications but now makes a living doing odd jobs - on his tandem bike.

Alfie Cookson, 22, kept getting fired - so now spends his days cycling around helping out local residents.

His odd jobs include anything including moving a trampoline to cleaning road signs.

Alfie also sprays circles around potholes so the council fills them in, moves sofas, paints fences and walks dogs.

No matter how big the job Alfie carries everything on the back of his tandem bike in his hometown of Clitheroe, Lancs.

And he said that he loves his job because 'it puts a smile on people's faces'.

Alfie said: “I just decided to set up on my own because I got sacked from several jobs because I did stuff like falling through ceilings.

"I was just causing more damage than what I was earning, so when I couldn't hold down a full time job I just decided to set up on my own - so I couldn't sack myself.

"I love my job because it just puts a smile on people's faces and that's just a big bonus to me.

"The only bad thing about it is when I hit a pothole because then I get a puncture in my tire.

"I once had to move a 16ft trampoline from one house to another house that's on the other side of town, on the back of my bike.

"I opened up some ladders until they were really long, then balanced the trampoline on the ladders."

The majority of Alfie's work comes from word of mouth around the town, but now he's gone viral on social media, he gets some work from there.

He said: "It's pretty much word of mouth but since I've got social media, I sometimes go on there and try to push my work on there.

"But it is quite a small town, so there is a lot of word of mouth. Everyone pretty much knows me as the go-to person."

Alfie wants to expand the business in the future and hopes to have 'around 40 tandems around the UK'.

He said: "It all depends what comes up in my life but I do want a different adventure or challenge at one point.

"I do want to buy a van and go and travel around Europe or build a boat and just go off and sail somewhere.

"But I wouldn't mind trying to get around 40 tandems around the UK, and have everyone doing odd jobs."