Megan McKenna Bites Back To Troll Who Says She Has ‘Cellulite’

Megan McKenna has hit back at a troll who said she had cellulite, saying that it’s better than airbrushing her photos like so many other celebs do.

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The former Celebrity Big Brother star was quick to bit back after a follower left the nasty comment on Twitter.

Megan had posted a picture of her in a bikini taken on holiday in Magaluf when one particularly sharp-tongued fan replied: “U have cellulite? (sic)”

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However, rather than ignore the comment the reality star was quick to respond to let the user know exactly her thoughts on the enquiry.

"Yeah do you have a problem with that! Every girl does! Atleast I don’t edit the s*** out my pics unlike most people! #boreoff, (sic),” she wrote.

Megan has previously said she thinks that her bum is her best feature crediting it on being so ‘perky’.

The 22 year old recently discussed her figure in interviews saying that her secret to staying in shape is her carefully balanced diet.

“I really don’t work out that much, but I take my poodle Daisy out for a walk every day. It’s really more about what I eat,”

“I’ve been diagnosed with coeliac disease so I have to eat really strictly because it’s a wheat and gluten intolerance. I eat a lot of spinach and I take vitamins too, so all of this helps keep me in shape,” she revealed to Closer magazine.

However, the Ex On The Beach star admits that it can be challenging at times to stick to her diet.

“I can’t even remember what a Big Mac tastes like. I also miss jam donuts, the smell!” she said, adding:

“Now a lot more places are doing wheat free choices, but I can’t go to McDonalds for a quick something to eat.”