Megan McKenna Has Been Seeking Help For Her Temper

Megan McKenna has revealed that she’s been seeking help for her ‘anger issues’, which she previously explained stem from a nasty relationship.

Megan was known for some pretty explosive rows on Ex On The Beach, and had a serious meltdown during her time on Celebrity Big Brother.


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Explaining how she’s trying to combat her anger, Megan, who recently joined the cast of TOWIE, told MailOnline: “I have been speaking to people. I only flip out at things when I feel strongly about them and I think I’m right and my points are always right.

“Maybe I put them across wrongly but I am dealing with that and I think that’s why this is another chance for me. I have been cast as ‘The Angry One’.

“I think people think I’m crazy but I’m actually not and it’s all down to the way I’ve been treated in the past, people I’ve surrounded myself with are not good. Whereas now I’m surrounding myself with nice people e.g. Pete.”


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Describing Pete as a ‘gentleman’, reality TV star Megan said dating him was ‘good for her’, adding: “He brings the good out in me. It’s nice that people can see my normal side now. Rather than crazy Megan.”

She continued: “Things are really good with Pete. We’re seeing each other, nothing official but I’d say we’re officially seeing each other. A few weeks ago it was very early stages, we’d only been on two dates but now we have seen each other a lot more, we have had lovely dates.”

Megan’s also taken the opportunity to reply to Vicky Pattison’s recent comments that she doesn’t want TOWIE to become ‘The Megan McKenna Show’.


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Denying that that would ever happen, Megan said: “There’s so many strong characters on it and obviously the people on TOWIE are my friends so it’s never going to be The Megan McKenna Show.

“If that’s Vicky’s opinion, that’s her opinion. I’m supportive of what she does, I think she’s doing amazing on Loose Women. I did look up to Vicky when she first came on Ex On The Beach, I loved her on Geordie Shore, she was always fiery and good. I hope people like me like that and I did look up to her.”