Would Megan Thee Stallion date a stud lesbian? She answered & we're SCREAMING

Megan Thee Stallion says she'd date a stud lesbian and we are SEATED
Megan Thee Stallion says she'd date a stud lesbian and we are SEATED

Over the last few months or so, stud lesbians have become such a hot topic again that even the iconic Megan Thee Stallion wants a little taste.

Megan, who just released her self-titled album Megan on June 29, stopped for a quick interview with Ezee dressed to the nines with her body-ody-ody on full display at the release party.


“It’s Pride Month,” said Ezee before asking if Megan would date a stud.

“Yes,” answered Megan without so much as a blink in between.

This prompted an excited reaction from Ezee, who immediately went in for more details and inquired about what Megan’s ideal type is like, whether as a stud or any other type of girl.

After thinking it over for a moment, Megan responded, “I don’t wanna say my type cause I don’t wanna limit myself.”

Ezee didn't back down that easily and pushed, “You’re the last person on Earth, and it’s only one girl you can choose, who are you choosing?”

After a moment to think again, Megan did a little spin to show off her knee-length locks and full outfit before answering, “I gotta choose wisely, because low-key I’m shooting my shot.”


This prompted another reaction from Ezee as Megan showed off her body again. While she didn’t directly answer the question, she said she could be with a “bad bitch who’s petite” or a “bad bitch who’s a stud,” to which Ezee responded, “Okay, so I gotta friend for you then.”

The video ends after Megan asks, “Who?”

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This could be an answer we never get, but we are seated for this regardless. For those unaware, a stud lesbian refers to a Black masculine-presenting woman, which gives us some insight into Megan’s overall type.

As it is, Megan has always been vocal about her sexual exploits, whether in her music or otherwise, and has always presented herself as open-minded when it comes to the bedroom.

Regardless, we’re totally here for her response, and we’re also totally here for the idea we may see her wifed up with another woman sooner rather than later — whether it be the friend of Ezee’s or whomever else Megan referenced when she said she was “low-key shooting” her shot.

Check out her response below.