Meghan makes secret visit to National Theatre - and Harry gets ride from Lewis Hamilton

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The duchess, pictured at the theatre on Thursday, is back in the UK for her final engagements as a senior royal. Pic: Instagram/SussexRoyal

The Duchess of Sussex has made a secret visit to the National Theatre in London.

The duchess talked about efforts to "better connect and empathise with each other" in posts about the trip.

It comes after she returned to the UK for her final engagements with her husband as senior royals.

Meghan, a patron of the theatre, visited its Immersive Storytelling Studio on Thursday and learned about the use of virtual reality in developing new forms of "emotive" storytelling.

Along with a selection of photos from her visit, a caption on the Sussex Royal Instagram page read: "The goal of this method of virtual reality is to enable us to better connect and empathise with each other as people, regardless of race, age or nationality."

It also talked about Prince Harry and Meghan's visit to Stamford University "where part of their learning journey included a virtual reality presentation that allows the user to experience life through another person's point of view".

Photos of her visit were posted to Instagram a day later. Pic: Instagram/SussexRoyal
Photos of her visit were posted to Instagram a day later. Pic: Instagram/SussexRoyal

The photos showed the duchess, 38, dressed in white, with the musician Nubiya Brandon and her hologram, which is featured in the National Theatre's All Kinds Of Limbo exhibition.

The exhibition, which is now on show at the Tate Modern, uses holographic technology to explore the influence of Caribbean culture on British music.

The couple later attended the Endeavour Fund Awards on Thursday evening to recognise the achievements of injured service personnel.

And on Friday afternoon, video appeared on social media of the duchess visiting a school in Dagenham, east London.

Meanwhile, Harry visited Silverstone to open a new museum at the racetrack - and was driven there by six-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton in an electric Mercedes.

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