Meghan Markle’s body language suggests lack of confidence in public, claims expert

Olivia Petter
Getty Images

Meghan Markle might be a seasoned red carpet professional thanks to a six-year-long stint on Suits, but that doesn’t mean she’s completely immune to the pressures of being in the spotlight.

Now that she’s set to marry Prince Harry and become a member of the royal family, the actor and humanitarian has an entirely new set of public responsibilities on the horizon.

The 36-year-old is often spotted fidgeting with her hair during public appearances with her fiancé and according to one body language expert, it’s a sign Markle is trying to remain calm in the midst of the chaos.

Speaking to Femail, body language expert and Body Language for Dummies author Elizabeth Kuhnke revealed that Markle’s hair-playing tactic is a common gesture women use to calm themselves down when they feel under pressure or uncomfortable.

“It’s the adult version of a child clutching favourite toy, mother’s skirt or father’s hand when feeling anxious and not knowing what to do or say,” she said.

However, Kuhnke added that the gesture wouldn’t necessarily have the same meaning had Markle been in a private setting.

“When feeling nervous - knowing millions of people are watching and judging - tilting one’s head down and playing with hair is a tell of the psychological state of the need to shield or protect herself,” she explained.

Kuhnke also pointed out that although Markle clearly has experience of being in the public eye, the circumstances are very different now in light of her engagement to Prince Harry and she is subsequently under a more intense level of scrutiny than before.

Markle is no longer simply representing herself as an actor but as an impending member of the most famous royal family in the world.

The expectations are, of course, vastly different, so it’s not surprise that Markle might be feeling like she’s under more pressure than ever before.

Can you blame her?