Meghan Markle says she and Harry were ‘upsetting royal hierarchy just by existing’

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Meghan Markle says she and Harry were ‘upsetting royal hierarchy just by existing’

Meghan Markle has said she and Prince Harry moved to the US as they were “upsetting the dynamic of the hierarchy… just by existing”.

On their decision to up sticks in 2020 and step down as senior working members of the royal family, the former actress said the financial freedom the couple craved was not “reinventing the wheel”.

“A handful of princes and princesses and dukes… have the very arrangement they wanted,” she said in an interview with The Cut - part of New York magazine, but did not name names.

“'That, for whatever reason, is not something that we were allowed to do, even though several other members of the family do that exact thing.”

Harry, Meghan and Archie (Toby Melville/PA)
Harry, Meghan and Archie (Toby Melville/PA)

The interview also revealed that Ms Markle was considering rejoining Instagram, having quit social media in 2018 as part of joining the firm.

The article precedes a busy autumn schedule of commitments and charity work, with the pair heading back to Europe to promote the 2023 Invictus Games in Dusseldorf.

Ms Markle said she suggested to the firm that she and Harry could work on behalf of the monarchy but making their own money, although the idea has not caught on.

“Just by existing, we were upsetting the dynamic of the hierarchy,” she said in the interview. “So we go, ‘Okay, fine, let's get out of here. Happy to.’”

Last week, Meghan hosted Serena Williams on her new podcast Archetypes. The 41-year-old, who is good friends with the tennis superstar, discussed how women can face a social stigma when described as ambitious.

“I don’t remember ever personally feeling the negative connotation behind the word ambitious until I started dating my now husband,” she said.