Meghan Markle's engagement ring appears to have changed

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Meghan Markle's engagement ring looks a bit different than it did when Prince Harry first gave it to her.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a difference in the band holding the three diamonds Harry chose during their engagement. The three diamonds, which used to sit on a solid yellow gold band, are now atop a thin, dainty band with small diamonds on each side.

The new ring can be seen in Meghan's appearances since giving birth to her and Harry's first child, son Archie. She sported the new band at Archie's debut in May, and then again at Trooping the Colour earlier this month.

Meghan and Harry gushed over the design he chose for her ring after their engagement. The ring features one diamond from Botswana and two smaller stones from Princess Diana's collection.

Meghan Markle engagement ring

"The ring is obviously yellow gold because that's [Meghan's] favourite and the main stone itself I sourced from Botswana and the little diamonds on either side are from my mother's jewellery collection, to make sure that she's with us on this crazy journey together," Harry said.

"Everything about Harry's thoughtfulness and the inclusion of [Princess Diana's stones] and obviously not being able to meet his mom, it's so important to me to know that she's a part of this with us," Meghan added.

"It's incredibly special to be able to have this [ring], which sort of links where you come from and Botswana, which is important to us. It's perfect."

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A royal source told ET that the diamond eternity ring Meghan was snapped wearing at Trooping the Colour along with her wedding band and engagement ring was an anniversary gift from her husband.

An eternity ring symbolises never-ending love and is usually given by a spouse on the occasion of a significant anniversary. The couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary on May 19.

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