After Meghan McCain And Others Share Negative Thoughts On The View, Series OG Star Jones Has A Different Take

 Star Jones on The View.
Star Jones on The View.

The View has welcomed quite a few co-hosts since its debut and, since concluding their respective tenures, many have had varied thoughts on the series and their colleagues. Political pundit Meghan McCain, who was on the show for four seasons, has been one of the alums that’s spoken out the most frequently. She hasn’t minced words when speaking about her experiences on the ABC mainstay, and others have shared less-than-positive thoughts as well (which surprises Sunny Hostin). On that note, at least one former panelist doesn’t seem to share their feelings, as series OG Star Jones offered up a different take.

What Did Star Jones Say About The View?

The 62-year-old media personality holds the distinction of being one of the first ladies to ever sit at the table on The View in 1997. Some may still remember when she, series creator Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Meredith Vieira and Debbie Matenopoulos convened for that inaugural season. Star Jones eventually left the show in 2006 and has since moved onto other professional endeavors. However, it sounds like the daytime series still holds a special place in her heart. While discussing her current show, Divorce Court, at the 51st Daytime Emmy Awards, she confirmed that she continues to watch the ABC program today. Not only that, but she says she talks to the current panelists “all the time.” While discussing her love for them, she said:

I love all the girls. Whoopi is my longest and eldest and dearest friends. Joy and I started together. Sunny is my sorority sister. I mean, all these girls I know intimately, and I love them and I wish them luck. And they're big supporters of me.

While speaking to ET, the Celebrity Apprentice alum also shared her sweet remembrances of Barbara Walters, who passed away at 93 in 2022. Star Jones was among those to pay tribute to Walters upon her death, and the sentiments she shared during this latest interview were also sweet. She went on to share some of the advice that her “fairy godmother” bestowed upon her:

This is really something that I learned from Barbara, the master. It's OK to disagree. It's not OK to be disagreeable. That's the difference. That's why she was who she was and taught me everything I know.

Those are certainly wise words from one of the most astute journalists and commentators the world has ever known. Overall, it’s sweet that the former Insider alum still thinks fondly of her time on The View, and her thoughts are refreshing to hear amongst those that have been shared by others.

What Have Meghan McCain And Others Said About Their Stints On The View?

Following her departure from the show in 2021, Meghan McCain shared details about her time on ABC’s long-running chatfest. She stated her belief that the show has a “toxic work environment” and said that it felt “extremely isolating” to be the show’s lone conservative pundit. Aside from claiming that people were “uncomfortable” around her, she also said that part of her stint on the show was particularly challenging because her late father, U.S. Senator John McCain, was battling brain cancer at the time. Earlier this year, Meghan also declared that there’s “not a chance in hell” she’d return to the program.

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Candace Cameron Bure, who was a co-host on the show from 2015 to 2016, also has mixed feelings about her tenure. While sharing thoughts on returning as a permanent host following Meghan McCain’s tenure, Bure summed up her stint as being “was exciting, challenging, informative, emotional, and stressful.” The Fuller House actress added that it “always feels like family” whenever she appears as a guest on the show but, in another interview, she also stated that she has “PTSD” from the show due to the sometimes stressful nature of its production.

Everyone has their own distinct experiences on a show and, based on the comments shared by those who’ve worked on this particular show, that’s definitely been the case. And, of course, Star Jones is absolutely entitled to the positive memories that she has, while Meghan McCain, Candace Cameron Bure and others are entitled to their more complex working experiences.

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