Mehdi Hasan Torches Trump's 'Mental Competency' Boast With Damning Evidence

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan is wondering why the debate over the ages of presidential candidates is only focused on 80-year-old President Joe Biden and not the 77-year-old Donald Trump hoping to run against him.

The media has highlighted Biden’s age and fumbles, while Trump has attacked the president’s “mental acuity.”

But the “Mehdi Hasan Show” said the real issues are with Trump.

“If we’re going to talk about a presidential candidate’s age and mental competency, his trouble even forming basic sentences, then let’s do it,” the show’s account said on X, formerly Twitter. “But Biden isn’t the guy we’re talking about here.”

The MSNBC show shared a clip of multiple times Trump stumbled over his words in public.

Trump earlier this month challenged rivals to a “mental acuity test” while once again bragging that he “ACED” a test of his own. However, that test wasn’t for mental acuity. It was designed to detect signs of cognitive impairments that could be an indication of dementia.