Mel Giedroyc admits she no longer watches 'Bake Off', doesn't regret leaving the show

Mel Giedroyc talks Bake Off with Jonathan Ross. (REX/Shutterstock)
Mel Giedroyc talks Bake Off with Jonathan Ross. (REX/Shutterstock)

The Jonathan Ross Show returns to TV this Saturday, and ITV has confirmed the impressive line-up.

Joined by former Great British Bake Off co-host Mel Giedroyc, she is set to reveal that not only doesn’t she watch the show anymore, she has zero regrets about leaving.

The comedian, 50, infamously refused to move over to Channel 4 along with co-host Sue Perkins, when it was announced that the popular baking competition show would make the move from the BBC.


When Ross asks if she watches the Channel 4 version she replies, ‘No I haven’t [watched it]. I feel bad!’ and if she regrets her decision to leave ‘Not at all!’

She also calls former Bake Off judge Mary Berry ‘rock and roll’ for sleeping in her fake eyelashes while filming: “She had her makeup on then she would often keep it on for the next day, she’d keep her eyelashes on certainly. It’s very rock and roll, keep the makeup on, wake up, boom,” she says.

On the series first show, Jonathan Ross will also be joined by actor Kevin Hart, actress Tiffany Haddish, former pro wrestler and actor Dave Bautista and stand-up comedian Rob Beckett.

Before Ross introduces his guests, he will poke fun at various talking points of the week, including a dance troupe’s interpretation of Prime Minister Theresa May’s rather awkward dance while visiting a school in Africa.

Night School stars Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish will then join Ross on the infamous yellow sofa.

Haddish will admit she has a thing for English men and “I am very single” as well as confess that she didn’t learn to read until she was 15-years-old.


On the episode Haddish elaborates, “I recognised words but not full on words, I didn’t have a really good comprehension, I couldn’t write a story and I cheated a lot through school.

“I had a drama teacher who figured it out, she made me come to her classroom every day during lunch and she would make me read to her and she taught me techniques in order that I could read better… That’s why I’m even standing here today and being able to read anything is because that teacher cared enough and she invested the time,” she says.

Hart and Haddish will also discuss how they first met and their close friendship with Hart saying, “I’m very, very happy with the success that Tiffany Haddish has had to date and I know where she’s come from, as she does with me. We have both come from the same past and we’ve had the same struggles.”

The Jonathan Ross Show returns Saturday 1 September at 9.15pm on ITV.

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