Melbourne Protesters Call for End to 'Child Abuse' on Nauru

Protesters held a rally in Melbourne on Sunday, October 21, calling for attention to the dire situation of child refugees at the Nauru detention centre.

This video shows demonstrators chanting “No excuse for child abuse!”

Nearly 6,000 registered doctors signed a petition campaigning for critically ill refugee and asylum-seeker children on Nauru to be brought to Australia for urgent medical care, according to the Saturday Paper. Many children being assessed suffered from psychosis, depression, PTSD after sexual assault, and some had attempted suicide, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison told the AAP that the government “doesn’t want to see children on Nauru,” and that he would take up his New Zealand counterpart Jacinda Ardern’s offer to receive up to 150 refugees should the parliament passed a stalled bill that would ban offshore arrival to Australia via New Zealand. Credit: WACA via Storyful