Memories of 'legendary' and 'iconic' venue Mr Smiths as The Hitman and Her turns 35

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Memories of 'legendary' and 'iconic' venue Mr Smiths as The Hitman and Her turns 35 <i>(Image: Supplied)</i>
Memories of 'legendary' and 'iconic' venue Mr Smiths as The Hitman and Her turns 35 (Image: Supplied)

THIS year marks 35 years since The Hitman and Her launched - with the very first show coming to an iconic and ‘legendary' venue in Warrington.

The popular programme toured various nightclubs, and regularly returned to Mr Smith’s which attracted thousands of visitors from Warrington and across the country in the 1980s and 1990s, and aired in September 1988.

Pete Waterman, who hosted the show with Michaela Strachan took to Twitter to ask what people what their favourite nightspot was during this time.

Warrington Guardian:
Warrington Guardian:

This led to plenty of people reminiscing about happy times at their favourite nightclubs, including Mr Smiths – a venue which put Warrington on the clubbing map.

Even popstar Beverley Knight took to the Twitter thread to shout out Mr Smiths.

“Pink Coconut in Derby, Mr Smiths in Warrington and The Dome in Brum had killer R&B night,” the artist and musical theatre actor said.

Warrington Guardian: Inside Mr Smiths
Warrington Guardian: Inside Mr Smiths

Inside Mr Smiths (Image: Supplied)

Sadly, the venue closed its doors for a final time in 2010 after numerous attempts at rebranding before the venue burned down in 2015.

Many other people also reminisced and showed their love for Mr Smiths which stood on the corner of Bridge Street.

Jay Hall said: Mr Smiths - one of your favourites too. Sadly no longer standing.

“It’s where Jason Orange was first spotted, before the Take That days, when he was a dancer there.

“And then there was ‘Wiggy’. Happy days.”

Another Twitter DJ Gary Baldy said: “Mr Smith's Warrington was a legendary venue wasn't it.”

“Mr Smiths Warrington. Standard home for the show,” Dan Ryan added.

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