'Men often hit on me at the gym – but they get a surprise when I turn around'

Woman running on treadmill
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Most people understand that the gym is not a speed dating arena.

Being approached or ogled while you're busy sculpting your summer body can be quite an uncomfortable and bothersome ordeal. It's hardly an opportune time for flirtatious chat when you're drenched in sweat, facing another 50 squats, and have been awake since early morning.

Yet, Maria, a fitness fam, has got Brits chuckling with an unexpected reveal she presents to any stranger making advances while she's working out.

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Maria, also known as @mashaspeaches online, is an online fitness coach boasting a remarkable follower base of 748,000 owing to her sincere vlogs and useful gym hacks. In one of her recent TikTok videos, Maria can be seen from behind in gym shorts and a sports bra as a man approaches to chat her up.

"Excuse me, miss. Do you come here often? " inquires the man. The surprise comes when Maria turns around revealing she's heavily pregnant with twins.

"Oh, okay then," he utters at the sight. Maria's baby boys are due this summer, leading to her sporting an impressively noticeable bump which is practically invisible from the rear view.

The video triggered laughter amongst hundreds of members of the audience who took to the comments section to applaud Maria, confessing their sheer surprise at the revelation. "Now I would NEVER have guessed," commented a user.

A fellow reader concurred, remarking:" Wow, I didn't expect that either." While another joked: "I wish I looked like that from the back during my pregnancy - and I just have one baby hah."

A further TikTok user chimed in humorously: "[My] jaw dropped."