Men spend £1,300 more than women trying to have sex a year

Liz Connor
Shutterstock / Marina Svetlova

We’re often told that it’s expensive business being a woman, but when it comes to dating, it turns out that men shell out significantly more to impress a potential partner.

New research has revealed how much money Britons spend on trying to entice a date into the bedroom, with men coughing up a whopping £1,300 more per year more than their female counterparts.

If awkward Tinder dates weren't bad enough, it turns out that both sexes spend a staggering amount of money on dating - not for love, but simply in the quest to take things ‘back to their place’.

A group of 2,287 men and women over the age of 18 were quizzed about the money they spent over the past year in attempts to woo a romantic partner.

The study participants were asked to answer how much cash they had parted with in the past month to attract the opposite sex. This could include anything from picking up the bar bill to purchasing sex toys.

The poll revealed that the average male spends a eye-watering £173 per month, while women spend just £65.

The items that ranked most expensive for women included lingerie, new clothes, perfume and sex toys.

Men, meanwhile, are more likely to dip into their wallet for alcohol, dining out, gym membership and condoms.

From these results, researchers from calculated that men spend £2,076 annually, while women part with £780. A hefty sum for both sexes.

The depressing news comes as it was revealed it’s perfectly normal for millennial daters to have six potential partners on rotation at any one time, in order to keep their options open.

So if you're fresh to the dating game, you'll likely need a healthy savings account to keep your pool of partners interested.

Thought love doesn’t cost a thing? Think again.

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