Men's Holy Week Breakfasts resume

Mar. 27—A group of McAlester churches have started holding the Men's Holy Week Breakfasts again.

The longtime tradition of the Men's Holy Week Breakfasts stopped in 2020 due to the COVID19 pandemic.

They are back now, with some different member churches among the participants.

"I think some of the churches said we need to get together and get this going," said Cliff House of the series of breakfasts restarting this year.

Each of the breakfasts were set to start daily at 7 a.m., except for Saturday which is at 8 a.m.

Breakfasts remaining as of Wednesday afternoon, included the following:

—Thursday, March 28 — St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church at 300 E. Washington Ave.

—Friday, March 29 — Lakewood Christian Church, 840 S. George Nigh Expressway.

—Saturday March 30 — Central Christian Church, 920 E.Central Ave., near Ninth Street and Oklahoma Avenue.

When the Men's Holy Week Breakfasts were canceled in 2020, it marked the first time in 64 years that the morning gatherings were not held.

Every year since 1956, men had gathered in McAlester for the week leading up to the Easter Sunday for the series of breakfasts held at churches in the community.

A tradition evolved where a breakfast would be held each Monday through Saturday prior to Easter Sunday.

A breakfast would be hosted by a different church each day, with a layman from another church serving as featured speaker for each gathering.

It was hoped when the Men's Holy Week Breakfasts were canceled in 2020, that the series would resume the following year.

That didn't happen, with this week series of Men's Holy Week Breakfasts marking the first time the events have been held since 2019.