Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S tuned to unleash up to 880 bhp (Chris Okula)
POSAIDON RS 830 Basis AMG GT 63 S_01

A saloon with the power to move planets.

The Mercedes AMG GT 63 S is one of the most capable sports saloons on sale today, however, that wasn’t enough for German tuning firm Posaidon. Thanks to some clever tweaks to the stock ECU, new turbos, and free-flowing exhaust, you can now own a family saloon with over 880 bhp.

The stock AMG GT 63 S produces 630 bhp making it the most powerful vehicle in the Mercedes-AMG lineup. With a 0 to 60 time of only 3.1 seconds, the AMG GT 63 S is also one of the quickest cars on sale today. 

Although the AMG GT 63 S is impressive in stock trim, the team at Posaidon was far from satisfied which lead to the creation of the Posaidon RS 830 package. The Posaidon RS 830 turns the humble AMG GT 63 S into an 830-bhp family hauler of your dreams. 

If this doesn’t impress you, Posaidon offers the Posaidon RS 830 + package which adds an extra 50 bhp for a total of 880 bhp in case you need it. This type of tuning insanity gives your AMG saloon more power than most supercars and Posaidon will only charge you £21,410 for the full kit which includes, new ECU and TCU tuning, upgraded turbos, a new exhaust, larger intercooler. 

The 800 bhp club:

In addition to all of the new hardware and software, Posaidon also includes a TUV certificate which means all of these modifications are approved by the German government. This complete package is the closest offering to a range-topping Black Series from Mercedes. 

If you’re not interested in 880-bhp saloons, Posaidon offers a similar kit for the AMG GT Coupe. The tunability of modern AMG products means companies like Posaidon can build supercar shaming vehicles with simple modifications and software.