Mercedes G-Class with Brabus Adventure Package is ready to explore (Adrian Padeanu)
Mercedes G-Class With Brabus Adventure Package

The beefy looks are complemented by a more powerful diesel engine.

The V12-powered G-Class won’t be the only new Brabus at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month as the 888-bhp luxury fortress will be joined by an off-road-ready version of the legendary SUV. Equipped with the Adventure Package, the more versatile G is like a tuner’s take on the G-Class 4x42 without the portal axles. It sits higher than the regular version and has a widebody kit lending it a more menacing presence.

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The showcar heading to IAA is based on the G350d, but Brabus says it will offer the upgrades for all versions of the W463. In the case of the diesel, its inline-six 3.0-litre engine has been bumped by 44 bhp and 44 pound-feet to 326 bhp and 509 lb-ft. The additional output enables the capable SUV to hit 62 mph from a standstill in 7.2 seconds and max out at 126 mph. That might not sound much, but let’s keep in mind the G-Class weighs a whopping 2,376 kilograms.

The “adventure” part of the package refers to the height-adjustable suspension lifting the reputable Mercedes SUV by as much as 40 millimetres for that extra ground clearance you might need to tackle rough terrain. You can also tell this isn’t an ordinary G-Wagen by the wind deflector above the windscreen, holding four LED auxiliary lights for better illumination at night. A large roof rack that goes from front to back makes the SUV even more practical, as does the winch flanked by the beefy air intakes.

The back of the G has also gone through a few changes, with the spare wheel cover made out of carbon fibre. To its right sits a ladder to make it easier for the driver and passengers to put their luggage on the SUV’s roof. 10 centimetres wider than the standard G350d, the adventurous G-Class has a more imposing look further enhanced by the aftermarket 20-inch wheels with 285/55 R20 off-road tyres.

The Mercedes G-Class equipped with the Adventure Package will be on display at IAA in Frankfurt at the Brabus stand beginning tomorrow when the first press day is scheduled.

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