Meriden Green candidate against tactically voting says 'vote for what you believe in'

Green candidate Shesh Sheshabhatter
-Credit: (Image: Shesh Sheshabhatter)

A Green candidate is encouraging people to “vote for what you believe in” instead of tactically voting at the general election. Shesh Sheshabhatter, the Green Party’s candidate in the Meriden and Solihull East seat, said the tactical voting campaign to “get the Tories out” is not needed.

High profile celebrities including Carol Vorderman and Steve Coogan have promoted tactical voting which has contributed to overturn big Tory majorities in a string of by-elections nationally in recent years. Websites like are suggesting, with the polls close in the seat, voting for Labour is the best way to defeat the Tories in the Meriden seat.

But rejecting this Mr Sheshabhatter said: “Everyone knows that the Conservatives are going to lose this election and, on July 5, we will have a Labour government. “There is no need to vote tactically at this election. You can vote for what you believe in.”

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Mr Sheshabhatter says he lives in the heart of the constituency in Chelmsley Wood with his family so has “first-hand experience of the concerns residents face”. The Conservative Party still believes they can win this constituency without being held accountable for the damage they’ve caused,” he said.

“The Labour Party's presence in Meriden and Solihull East is nearly non-existent, and their policies often mirror the Conservatives, failing to offer the change people are crying out for.” The candidate, who has served as a Green Councillor since 2021, said, if elected, he would “hold the next government to account and empower local council for better governance”.

The IT consultant says among his priorities are reducing GP and dental waiting times; improving energy efficiency in homes in the constituency and increasing police numbers. The candidate added: “I urge you to vote for real change in Meriden and Solihull East by electing a candidate from your community. Vote Green for real hope and real change.”

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