How I Met Your Father: Everyone has the same complaint about new spin-off

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There is one thing that viewers of How I Met Your Father all seem to be finding “unbearable”.

The spin-off from How I Met Your Mother centres on Sophie (played by Hilary Duff), who is telling her son the story of her romance with his dad.

While many fans of the original series have said that the spin-off is “surprisingly good”, a lot of viewers have been put off by the show’s laugh track.

Laugh tracks, which are played after each gag and mimic the sound of an audience laughing, were popularly used on sitcoms decades ago, but are widely seen as outdated today.

“It’s 2022 why does how I met your father have a laugh track?” tweeted one baffled viewer.

“Turned on How I Met Your Father and 30 seconds in the laugh track is already unbearable,” added another.

A third complained: “I wish How I Met Your Father didn’t have a laugh track, laugh tracks in 2022 feel weird. I don’t want people alerting me when to laugh.”

The first episode of How I Met Your Father, which premiered in the US on Tuesday (18 January), paid tribute to the late Bob Saget.

Saget, who died on 9 January at the age of 65, narrated all nine seasons of HIMYM as the future Ted Mosby.

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