Met Office forecasts London thunderstorms as heavy rain delays Liz Truss’s first PM speech

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The lectern is removed while heavy rain falls (REUTERS)
The lectern is removed while heavy rain falls (REUTERS)

Thundershowers have been forecast for London at times for the rest of the week, following an evening of heavy rain and lightning strikes in the capital.

The Met Office has said that heavy and thunderey are set to be felt again on Tuesday night, with rain easing after midnight.

Liz Truss’s first speech as Prime Minister, set for the steps of Downing Street, was delayed due to heavy rain.

After a day of maximum temperatures of 23 degrees, the thermostat should dip to around 13 degrees into Wednesday morning.

Londoners were alerted, and in some cases woken up, by storms on Monday night - with strikes heard late into the evening and in the early hours of Tuesdays.

The Met Office has said the showers felt intermittently throughout the day could continue into Tuesday night.

A statement for Tuesday added: “Heavy, perhaps thundery, showers [could be felt] at first, but [will be] easing.

“Mostly dry by after midnight, but still the odd shower possible. Perhaps the odd patch of mist or shallow fog by dawn.”

No weather warning has been issued for England - but there is a yellow alert for thunderstorms in Scotland - affecting five regions. This includes Aberdeen Airport - where new prime minister Liz Truss flew out from, having met the Queen at Balmoral.

Lightning over Hackney in London on September 5 (PA)
Lightning over Hackney in London on September 5 (PA)

Earlier on Tuesday Ms Truss’s flight was delayed landing and had to circle Aberdeen Airport several times due to the heavy fog.

The thunder could continue into Wednesday in London and the south east.

The Met Office statement added: “Variable cloud, sunny spells and further scattered showers [will be felt].

“These heavy and thundery at times [will be] most likely during the afternoon. Some parts [will be] staying dry, however, and feeling warm in the sunshine.”

The statement added: “[There will be] little change Thursday and Friday, with further scattered heavy, thundery showers, and warm sunny spells. “