Met Office says 'noticeable' weather shift coming ahead of 'mini heatwave'

The Met Office has hinted at the next mini-heatwave of summer hitting within days. The Met Office has confirmed "we will see a change" from Friday as more settled conditions win out with June kicking off in balmy fashion after a drab and dreary end to May.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist Helen Caughey said: “From Friday, we see a change in weather type, with conditions turning drier and more settled from the west. Although some showers are possible at times - most likely in the southeast initially and later in the weekend in the northwest - many should see a decent amount of sunshine.

“With the exception of the southeast at first, where it will be rather cool to start the weekend, temperatures are generally unremarkable for the time of year, close to or a little above average. However, it will feel a little warmer with light winds and prolonged sunny spells, generally away from windward coasts.”

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Expect a changeable day today (Thursday May 30), with a mixture of sunny spells, cloudy periods and a chance of heavy showers. Windier than recently and feeling rather cool but pleasant enough in the sunshine, the Met Office says.

After temperature highs of 18C, the Met Office said: "Isolated heavy showers continuing during this evening, but becoming generally dry overnight with clear periods. A cooler night with winds easing for a time." Its outlook for Friday adds: "Any isolated showers clearing through the morning to leave a dry day with a mixture of cloudy periods and sunny spells.

"Still breezy but feeling pleasant in the sunshine." Temperatures will hit 18C again tomorrow (Friday May 31), the Met Office added. It said in its outlook for Friday into the weekend: "High pressure will bring dry and settled weather this weekend lasting into next week. Periods of warm sunshine with occasional cloudier spells.

"Temperatures close to average with light winds."