Met Office shares predictions for summer heatwave as Birmingham forecast offers hope

Temperatures are rising across the country today according to the Met Office's map
-Credit: (Image: Met Office)

Brits are in for a treat this weekend as temperatures are set to rise across the nation. According to the Met Office, there's wall-to-wall sunshine today (Sunday, June 2) across Birmingham and the Black Country with temperatures rising to 21C by 3pm.

This comes amidst reports of an increased likelihood of a heatwave hitting the UK this summer. The Met Office's most recent three-month outlook, utilised by the Government for contingency planning, indicates that the chances of a hot summer are 'higher than normal but similar to recent years'.

It further states that 'this brings an increased likelihood of heatwaves'. While it's too early for forecasters to provide exact temperature predictions, a heatwave must reach a certain temperature for three consecutive days - varying from 28C in London to 25C in many northern and coastal regions.

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June is anticipated to kick off with warm, sunny weather for many, although temperatures are not yet nearing those heatwave levels. Cloudy conditions in southern areas are expected to thin out later in the day, while coastal areas might experience breezy conditions.

Most regions will enjoy fine weather, but isolated showers may occur in parts of central England and Wales, says the Met Office. The Met Office has predicted that Sunday may start with patches of mist and fog, but these will soon clear to reveal sunshine across the nation.

More cloud cover could be seen in the northern regions, while drizzle might affect western parts of Scotland. The mercury could rise to 23C in London, 22C in Cardiff, 21C in Birmingham and 19C in Belfast - although Edinburgh could experience cooler temperatures than today, at 18C.