Met Office suspends forecasts out of ‘respect’ for Queen, sparking Twitter backlash

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The UK is in a national period of mourning, during which certain events will be cancelled (Reuters/Henry Nicholls)
The UK is in a national period of mourning, during which certain events will be cancelled (Reuters/Henry Nicholls)

The Met Office says it will only post daily forecasts and warnings on Twitter “as a mark of respect” for the Queen following her death.

However, the weather agency will apparently refrain from sharing advanced forecasts on social media during the mourning period.

The Met Office said on Twitter: “We are saddened by the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Our thoughts are with her family and all those affected by this news.

“As a mark of respect during this time of national mourning, we will only be posting daily forecasts and warnings.”

Many companies will refrain from sharing their regular content on social media during the national period of mourning, while some events will be cancelled, and some businesses will close.

However, the weather agency’s announcement has sparked a backlash on social media, as people disagree that sharing weather forecasts would be disrespectful.

Broadcaster Piers Morgan was among the critics, and said: “What? How does withholding weather reports respect the Queen?”

Political commentator Owen Jones said: “This is absolutely bats***. Suspending weather? You can’t satirise this stuff!”

Journalist Greg Jericho said: “Honouring the Queen by not doing your publicly funded job is a… decision.”

Twitter users have taken issue with the Met Office’s decision.

Richard said: “I understand why many things are being cancelled at the present time, but this from the Met Office is rather ridiculous. We still need to know about the weather!”

Ifan said: “Given the Queen was all about consistent duty, it’s strange how many institutions seem to think withdrawing from duties is a mark of respect to her – weather services, parliaments, sports leagues…”

Paul said: “Had to rub my eyes twice and then still triple-check to make sure this isn’t a parody account. No, it’s actually the real honest-to-goodness UK Met Office.”