Met Office verdict on 22C heatwave for Coventry this weekend

The Met Office says 22C highs will hit Coventry this weekend
-Credit: (Image: Iain Findlay/Birmingham Mail)

The Met Office has forecast 'dry, sunny and warm' weather for Coventry and Warwickshire tomorrow. It says that there will be highs of 22C and it will be sunny until sunset tomorrow night (June 2).

It follows what has been a rainy half-term week but there were some sunny spells yesterday (May 31) and there will continue to be some today (June 1). But tomorrow is set to be the best day before drizzle is set to arrive as schools go back on Monday (June 3).

The latest forecast for the start of next week shows that Tuesday (June 4) is set to be 'brighter and warmer' before rain arrives again on Wednesday (June 5).

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The Met Office forecast for our area is as follows:


A bright start to the day, before cloud increases in the afternoon. Despite the cloud, there will still be some warm sunny spells. A small chance of a few light showers in the north. Maximum temperature 19C


Cloud will melt away this evening to bring some late sunshine. Dry overnight with clear skies for most parts where it will be cool. Minimum temperature 10C.


Dry, sunny and warm across the region on Sunday. Cloud will increase in the north late in the afternoon, but most places will stay sunny to end the day. Maximum temperature 22C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday

More changeable to start the new week. Cloudy on Monday, perhaps with some drizzle. Brighter and warmer on Tuesday, before further cloud and patchy rain arrives on Wednesday.

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