Met Police ‘banned man from Shoreditch’ after he filmed officer’s stop and search

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Met Police stock  (Met Police)
Met Police stock (Met Police)

The Met Police imposed an order on a man barring him from Shoreditch because he filmed an officer’s stop-and-search, according to a human rights group.

Campaigning group Liberty said their client was handed a Community Protection Notice by the force which banned him from “loitering or being found” near any residential area in Hackney after he filmed an officer’s stop-and-search in April in Shoreditch.

The man, who they gave the pseudonym John, was allegedly told by the officer he filmed that he was banned from returning to Shoreditch between the hours of Thursday 00:00 until Sunday at 23:59.

The order also allegedly prevented him from being “within 20 metres” of bus stops and train stations, or being in possession of more than one phone.

Liberty said their client had no previous convictions, and was known to local police because he had often filmed officers and had complained to police of misconduct in Hackney.

It added that the Met dropped the legal order on July 12, one day after a hearing where Liberty was preparing to argue that it was a breach of John’s “right to human dignity, privacy and freedom of expression”.

Lawyer Lara ten Caten said: “We should all be free to walk around our neighbourhoods without being detained by local police officers.

“Police powers are being used far too broadly, and in this case illegitimately.

“We are pleased that the Met Police have finally dropped this unreasonable CPN against our client, which has interfered with his rights to privacy and freedom of expression.”

According to Liberty, John has been regularly stopped by officers over filming them. They allege that a previous prosecution by police against their client collapsed over lack of evidence.

The Met Police have been contacted for comment.

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