'Oldest antique ever seen' goes up for auction

A meteorite dating back 2.5 billion years and described as the "oldest antique ever seen" is expected to fetch £9,500 when it is sold.

The 8lb football-sized rock was one of thousands which thundered into the Earth during a huge meteor shower.

It was discovered embedded in farmland in Africa over 20 years ago.

It goes on sale tomorrow (Friday) with the relatively earthly price tag of £9,500 at the Guildford Antiques and Fine art fair in London.

Dealer David Wackett's unique collection of rare meteorites and fossils are of such visual appeal that collectors now regard them as modern sculptures.

The items are said to be some of most unusual exhibits ever seen at any antiques fair.

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Art fair spokesman Duncan Phillips said: "It is on sale for the first time - it is the oldest antique ever known.

"It is big. The bigger the meteorite, the more it is worth.

"They are rare because you would not find one anywhere else. It is very rare to see one so large on sale outside a museum.

"These things now are bought as design sculptures. It is the sort of thing you would put in the corner of a room."

Mr Wackett will be showing moon rock and pieces from the meteorite along with fossilised teeth from the largest shark to ever swim the ocean.

The Carcharocles megalodon shark, which measured a whopping 60ft, was three times the size of the modern Great White.