Mets Fans Not Letting Astros' Alex Bregman Off Easy After Cheating Apology

New York Mets fans taunted the Houston Astros’ Alex Bregman, one of two players who apologized in the team’s sign-stealing scandal, during a spring training game in Port St Lucie, Florida, on Sunday, March 8, media reported.

Video shared by Neil Zeitouni shows two young Mets fans banging on a trash can in the stands as Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard threw a fastball over the plate to Astros infielder Bregman, who struck out without swinging. The Astros have admitted that banging on a trash can was one of the secret signals players and coaches used to tip off their batters to upcoming pitches.

The sports outlet The Athletic broke the story in November 2019 that the Houston Astros had been studying the secret signals between other teams’ pitchers and catchers so they would know which pitches would be thrown.

Since the scandal broke, baseball fans have petitioned to strip the Astros of their 2017 World Series title and have booed the team from the stands to express their distaste with them.

The Mets won the March 8 game 3-1. Credit: Neil Zeitouni via Storyful