Mexico: 18 bags full of hacked-up body parts found by police

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Eighteen plastic bags full of hacked-up body parts have been found by police on the outskirts of a city in Mexico.

Prosecutors say officers found one human limb near a motorway overpass in Guadalajara, which led them to the pile of taped-up bags nearby.

The severed limbs are being examined to determine how many corpses they belonged to.

It comes after authorities recovered 113 bodies and additional human remains from a secret grave in the town of El Salto, just outside Guadalajara, Jalisco, in November.

Ten people have been killed, six people injured and one person kidnapped in three separate incidents across the city in the past week.

In January, Jalisco governor Enrique Alfaro said violence in the state was due to organised crime groups seeking to create fear.

"This city is so much more than those who want it to sink into fear and unease," he said.

A total of 189 corpses were discovered in El Salto over the course of last year.

The state is home to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, one of Mexico's most violent and powerful criminal organisations.

More bodies have been found in secret graves there than in any other state over recent years.

The cartel has been fighting a breakaway faction in and around Guadalajara for a number of years.

More than 80,000 people are listed as missing since Mexico's drug war began in 2006 - with an estimated 115,000 people having died as a direct result of organised crime in the years 2007-2018.