'The Mezzotint' sneak peek: 'It's no trick'

Watch an exclusive clip from Britbox's new Christmastime ghost story

Video transcript

- What is this? A trick?

- It's no trick.

- Is it, um, what do they call it? Sympathetic ink?

- It's all true, Garwood.

- You're pulling my leg. Nisbet, is he pulling my leg?

- I swear.

- It's true.

- Tenacious. What can it all mean?

- Well it looks very much to me as if we were assisting at the working out of some sort of tragedy. A record of some long forgotten mischief.

- Where is it now?

- In my office at the museum.

- Don't you think you should be watching it?

- No, I-- I don't think it works like that. I'd rather imagine we're meant to see the whole thing. You see, between the time that I saw it the other night and when I showed it to Nisbet, there was time for a lot of things to happen. But the creature only got into the house.

- Creature?

- The figure that-- that could have quite easily gone about its business in that time and gone back to wherever it came from. But the fact of the window being open I think must mean that-- that it's in there now. So I feel quite easy about leaving it.

- Might we go and see the picture?

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