Mhairi Black to stand again in general election despite saying she 'hates' Westminster

Jon Sharman
SNP MP Mhairi Black speaks during a protest in George Square, Glasgow: PA

The UK's youngest MP has announced she will stand in June's snap general election just a month after admitting she "hates" Westminster and claiming that "a lot of the time, it is just a waste of time".

Mhairi Black said the election was "our opportunity to once again reject the Tories’ agenda and provide a strong voice for Scotland".

As the SNP's candidate in Paisley and Renfrewshire South in 2015, she defeated Labour's shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander on a day that saw Ed Miliband resign as leader and pave the way for Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

In March this year, Ms Black said: "It has been nearly two years and I still hate the place.

"It is the personal elements — it is a pain to come up and down every week and you are working with a number of people you find quite troubling.

"Professionally, it is more just that so little gets done. It is so old and defunct in terms of its systems and procedures. A lot of the time, it is just a waste of time."

She had said she was unsure about standing for re-election in 2020. "I have a habit of falling into things," she said. "I fell into university, fell into this and have fallen into most jobs I’ve had."

Ms Black's office has been contacted for comment.