Michael Ball is still not over coming second in Eurovision

UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 01: Singer Michael Ball performs on stage circa 1995. (Photo by David Redfern/Redferns)
Michael Ball performs on stage in the 1990s. (Photo by David Redfern/Redferns)

Michael Ball says he was so drunk when he narrowly missed out on winning Eurovision, that he might not have been able to sing again even if he had won.

The singer and performer came second in the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest with the song One Step Out Of Time, a close runner up to Ireland's winner Why Me.

He spoke to Kate Thornton on White Wine Question Time with his Together collaborator Alfie Boe, and the pair were asked to think of a time when they had achieved something by the narrowest of margins.

Ball said he could do the opposite, and remembered losing out to Linda Martin's entry in Sweden.

He said: "I came second, by the narrowest of margins. [I was] leading up until the end and then... I can't remember who, someone gave me nil points and gave Ireland 12.

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"I was really drunk by that time. We were both absolutely smashed by that point and thank goodness because I probably couldn't have reprised the song!"

The pair are currently touring their Together at Christmas album, and told Thornton that their solo careers add to the work that they do together.

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Boe explained to Thornton how they had started working together, having first met on a "disastrous" production of Kismet at the London Coliseum.

He said they were working together again on a Prom concert in 2007, the first time they had duetted together.

He said: "And it sounded fabulous. And that was where we discovered how we can work together. We spoke about doing a few shows together.

LEEDS, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 25: Michael Ball and Alfie Boe perform at First Direct Arena on February 25, 2020 in Leeds, England. (Photo by Andrew Benge/Redferns)
Michael Ball and Alfie Boe perform in Leeds, England in 2020. (Photo by Andrew Benge/Redferns)

"Then it sort of fell by the wayside for about five years or so, then we give it another shot. And this was it."

Boe explained the energy and the fans behind the project are an important part as well.

He said: "It was incredible, there was exciting news every single day throughout the recording process of the first album. There was constant energy behind it.

"We have amazing fans, that's the beauty about this whole project is that we have loyal and amazing fans, and we've brought a lot of people on board as well, which is nice.

"One of the things that hit me hard about the whole project was how we sing together. We work well together in the studio, we know each other's strengths."

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