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Michael Levin tells us how Tyrese Maxey saved the 76ers | Devine Intervention

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Michael Levin from the Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast joins Dan Devine for an episode of Devine Intervention that goes all the way back to the “Process Era” Philadelphia 76ers up to this year’s team and hits on almost everything in between.

This week on Devine Intervention, Dan Devine is joined by Michael Levin from the Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast to talk about the Philadelphia 76ers.

They kick things off by talking about Tyrese Maxey, fresh off a 50-point game and thriving as the engine that drives the Sixers’ offense. Michael tells us how good Maxey has been on the court, and then explains why Maxey is the least Philadelphia-type of person to ever be loved by Philly sports fans.

We can’t move forward without first looking back, so Dan and Michael take a journey back to all of the catastrophic twists and turns the 76ers have found themselves in over the last decade or so of basketball before discussing what it will feel like for a Sixers fan should the team win the NBA Championship.

The last six months have been particularly chaotic, from the meltdown against the Boston Celtics in the playoffs to James Harden’s trade demand and public fighting with GM Daryl Morey, and Michael explains how and why he was ready to give up on this team before the season even began.

Nick Nurse has the Sixers playing a faster, more modern style of basketball than what Doc Rivers was getting from them, and we’re seeing a more engaged Joel Embiid as a result of that. Now, the question is what do the Sixers do next? Do they use their trade assets to bring in a wing to pair with Embiid and Maxey, or do they wait and try and get someone in free agency?

Finally, we end the show with some fun. Michael and Dan play a game of “How Dare You”, where each guy talks about one NBA thing that has them aggrieved. Then, Dan hits Michael with “The Closing Five”, five quick questions to help us learn a little bit more about the guys, before finishing with recommendations from both guys.

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