Michael Moore says there is no point mocking Donald Trump but instead people should resist

Chloe Farand
Film director Michael Moore speaks to the crowd during a women's march rally: AP

Michael Moore said there is no point laughing at Donald Trump for not being good at his job but instead urged his opponents to focus on growing the resistance movement.

Discussing Mr Trump’s 100 days in office, the documentary and filmmaker said the fact the US President had been barred from passing a number of policies into law was a good thing and should not be laughed at.

Speaking to Chris Hayes on MSNBC he said: “Nobody should feel glib. Nobody should be laughing.

“What good does it do us and our end to be even laughing at Trump for all his goofiness and all is big promises if he doesn’t come through with it and at the same time we are kind of happy he hasn’t been able to do a whole lot - so that’s a good thing.”

Mr Hayes told Mr Moore he found himself rooting for Mr Trump to handle the situation in North Korea well and avoid a nuclear war.

But Mr Moore disagreed and said: “It’s like rooting for a 6-year-old who suddenly swiped dad’s car and figured out how to take it down the road. I’m not rooting for the 6-year-old to get on the highway and drive that car. I want the 6-year-old off the highway.”

On the contrary, Mr Moore said he believed the US President would lead the country towards a nuclear war.

"He will navigate us toward [nuclear war]. Our only hope is that, please Pentagon if you're watching, the football, the nuclear football ... I'm guessing they don't have the codes in there. They're never going to put the real codes in there. I hope," he said.

Mr Moore also said the first 100 days of the Trump administration were less about what the US President's successes and failures than about the build-up of a powerful civil society movement.

“Everybody tonight is talking about Trump’s first 100 days but what about the first 100 days of the resistance,” he said.

Mr Hayes agreed the strength of the civil society movement was the main story of Mr Trump’s time in office so far.

Mr Moore said: “Everybody has to remember that this 100 days is really about the citizens of this country that came out in mass within 24 hours of his [Mr Trump] inauguration, the largest demonstration in the history of this country took place in DC, across the country and across the world.

“Ask anybody my age or older, the sixties generation, they’ll tell you that as many demonstrations as they were in the sixties, this is way beyond the sixties.”

Mr Moore said the host of protests and marches against Mr Trump were speaking for a majority that did not vote for him.

He said: “When you have a person sitting in the oval office, who think he is a sort of king and shows you his fiefdom, he doesn't understand that the majority of them didn’t vote for him.

“I refer to it this way, we, all of us have been like a swarm of bees around his head and he had to keep swatting and we have discombobulated him to such an extent that he is so busy trying to deal with everything coming at him.

“Here’s a judge’s order, here’s this thing going on in congress, here’s these phone calls, here’s this protest....

"And people are going to be active and stay active. We are going to tie him up so when we might not be able to get him out of office in the next few months or even years, we will see that we stop him every step of the way.

“And hopefully he is not going to get very far.”

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