Michael Mosley: Mayor issues update on body found in search for missing TV presenter

A body was found on Sunday after several days of searching on the Greek island of Symi
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The mayor of Symi has provided a significant update regarding the primary hypothesis of the search team following the discovery of a body believed to be that of the missing TV presenter Michael Mosley.

The body was found in a rugged area adjacent to Agia Marina on Symi on Sunday, after a comprehensive search effort by emergency services. It appears to have been there for a number of days.

Dr Mosley is presumed to have suffered a fall from a cliff into the sea, with an estimated drop of about 10 metres (32ft). The discovery was made by search teams using cameras.

Mayor Eleftherios Papakaloudoukas gave an update on Sunday morning, stating: "During our search, and as we were approaching a cave next to the Agia Marina beach, we were shooting along the coastline with cameras."

Dr Michael Mosley went missing on Wednesday
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"We saw an object next to a fence on the beach and when we zoomed in we realised that it was Michael Mosley's body. He had probably fallen from a short cliff of about 10 metres.", reports the Mirror.

Earlier in the week, drones were utilised as part of the extensive search and rescue operation on Symi, one of the Dodecanese Islands in Greece. Mosley, a documentary filmmaker renowned for his work on The One Show and This Morning, was vacationing with his wife Clare at the time.

The extensive search for Dr Mosley, involving police, the Red Cross, firefighters and his family, eventually led to an area known as The Abyss. A body, reportedly found with a purple umbrella on Sunday morning, was discovered in Agia Marina on the Greek island, though formal identification has yet to take place.

British journalists and a hospitality worker were among the first to spot the body during the exhaustive search. It was located beneath a fence encircling a bar in Agia Marina, an area characterised by its hilly and rocky landscape descending towards the sea.

The body was found approximately 90 metres from the shore, and according to bar staff, helicopters have been scouring the region "every day".

After CCTV footage emerged showing the presenter walking towards a mountainous trail near Pedi's marina at around 2pm on Wednesday, Greek authorities redirected their efforts to this challenging terrain. Additional footage released on Saturday also captured Mosley, with an umbrella in hand, walking near the marina.