Michael Mosley missing: Search teams shift to mountain trail in Greece following CCTV review

Picture released of Michael Mosley taken before he went on the walk he disappeared on
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The search for TV presenter Michael Mosley has shifted to a mountain path after CCTV footage was reviewed. Mosley, who vanished on Wednesday (June 5) while vacationing in Greece, is believed to have embarked on the path at 2pm that day.

Authorities including police, firefighters, drone operators, helicopter crews, and volunteers are all involved in the extensive search for the 67 year old since he went missing. The temperature in Symi, where Mr Mosley disappeared, is expected to hit 31 degrees Celsius around noon.

A rescuer speaking to The Telegraph mentioned: "The path is not easy to follow, if he took a wrong turn, he would be lost. He could be anywhere; it is a race against time."

Mosley is renowned for his appearances on programmes like Trust Me, I'm a Doctor and ITV's This Morning.

Additionally, the mayor of the island informed the Mirror that the water search had been halted to concentrate resources on the 2km stretch between Pedi and Gialos, reports Bristol Live.

This update follows shortly after new CCTV footage showed Mr Mosley walking in Pedi at 1:50pm - just 20 minutes after he reportedly left the beach on Wednesday.

In the footage, a man resembling him is seen using an umbrella to shield himself from the sun, dressed in the same outfit as seen in the last known photograph of him.

The search efforts continue.