Michael Mosley search focuses on 'deep system of tunnels' as operation enters its fifth day

Search team in Symi, Greece, where a search and rescue operation is under way for TV doctor and columnist Michael Mosley
-Credit: (Image: Yui Mok/PA Wire)

Rescuers have turned their search to a stretch of land dubbed 'The Abyss' residents, as the search for missing Dr Michael Mosley in Greece enters its fifth day.

Dr Mosley was on holiday on the island of Symi with his wife, Dr Clare Bailey, when he was reported missing on Wednesday (June 5). The doctor was last seen on CCTV footage alone in the nearby town of Pedi, wearing a t-shirt, cap and shorts, and is thought to have been headed towards a rocky mountainous area.

A thorough search of the island is currently underway, with local police, the Red Cross, coastguard, drones sniffer dogs and even islanders all coming together to try to trace the last movements of Dr Mosley. And now, their search has turned to a dangerous tunnel system which has bee dubbed 'The Abyss' by locals.

Authorities fear that Michael may have taken a 'wrong turn' onto the 'dangerous' path, after initially focusing their search on the Pedi Bay area. The area that is currently being searched consists of a 'bottomless' network of tunnels which can span kilometres.

A waiter who works close by told The Telegraph: "It’s like a deep system of tunnels, but it is full of water and can spread for kilometres. If there is a hole and you fall, you lose your sense of balance and drown there.

"There is a reason they call it 'The ‘Abyss. There is something very strange going on."

It comes after rescue teams reportedly withdrew a sniffer dog from the scene - potentially over concerns for the canine's health. Speaking live from Symi during BBC Breakfast this morning (June 9), Joe Inwood said: "The authorities have said that they will continue the search, they will continue to look for Michael Mosley until he is found, but the longer it goes on the more that hope will dwindle I’m sorry to say.

"Another thing we’ve learned this morning is that the search and rescue dog who had been on the hillside is being sent back to Athens. Now that could be a sign that they are winding down, but it’s also being reported that it’s so hot here that the dog has been burning its paws on the hillside and so can’t work because of the heat.

"Now we don’t know which of those it is but that is a development we’ve had in the last hour or so."

Dr Clare Bailey Mosley, said the days since he has been missing have been the 'longest and most unbearable days' for her and her children. In a statement shared yesterday, she said: "It has been three days since Michael left the beach to go for a walk.

"The longest and most unbearable days for myself and my children. The search is ongoing and our family are so incredibly grateful to the people of Symi, the Greek authorities and the British Consulate who are working tirelessly to help find Michael. We will not lose hope."