Michael Mosley's final message about his wife before tragic death

Dr Michael Mosley with wife Clare
-Credit: (Image: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Dr Michael Mosley, the esteemed TV doctor who has passed away at 67, often praised his wife, Dr Clare Bailey, for her own impressive achievements.

In a touching tribute just two weeks before he went missing on the Greek island of Symi, Michael shared insights into their strong partnership.

Clare, aged 62, sounded the alarm when Michael did not return from a coastal walk on Wednesday, June 5, sparking an urgent search. Sadly, it has been confirmed that Dr Mosley's body was discovered in a rugged area near Agia Marina, with formal identification now complete.

Michael will be fondly remembered by admirers as a brilliant science journalist and a man who imparted wisdom on leading a better, healthier life. His sense of humour and conversational charm were evident in his last tweet, posted two weeks prior to his unexpected disappearance.

On May 25, responding to a fan on X, previously known as Twitter, who enquired if he had seen his impersonation on the comedy show 'Dead Ringers', Michael humorously responded: "I have.. I'm not convinced I really sound like that but my wife Clare says it is spot on.", reports the Mirror.

Shortly before this amiable exchange, Michael had replied to a follower who found relief from a painful rotator cuff injury by following the Just One Thing podcaster's advice on the virtues of cold showers. Demonstrating his approachable wit, Michael responded: "Delighted to hear it.. while reading your tweet (or is it your X) I had a bad moment when I thought you were going to say you got a rotator cuff injury after falling in the shower.."

Michael and his wife Clare, a former GP residing in Buckinghamshire, had just wrapped up their nationwide tour titled Eat (Better), Sleep (well), Live (longer). The duo participated in the Hay Festival with other authors and specialists before embarking on their journey to Greece.

The couple, whose enduring partnership spanned 44 years, first met as young medical students at the Royal Free Hospital Medical School, now part of the esteemed University College London (UCL). Reflecting on their initial romance in an interview with Sussex Living magazine in January, Michael reminisced: "100 of us in the year and the Dean said four of you will marry, and I met Clare then."

Michael and Clare raised four children, now adults, with sons aged 33, 31, and 29, and a daughter aged 24. They collaborated on various initiatives and supported each other in leading the healthiest lives they could, starting their days with joint exercise sessions and preparing nutritious breakfasts together.

Before they met, Michael was not a fan of greens and Clare admitted that she had to hide chocolate from her husband who loved it. "We say that he's a labrador because they eat anything," she revealed to The Times in April.

"There were times when he would open a packet of biscuits and the whole lot would be gone."

Once their youngest child left home, Michael and Clare spent their last few years dining alone, often discussing the latest dietary research over dinner.