Micheal Martin urges Conor Murphy to go to police over Quinn death

By Michael McHugh, PA

The Stormont finance minister’s apology for comments about Paul Quinn was only qualified, Fianna Fail’s leader claimed.

Micheal Martin said Conor Murphy should go to the police.

Mr Quinn was beaten to death in Co Monaghan in 2007 and his death has become an Irish election issue.

Mr Martin told RTE: “It was a less than full apology in my view, it was qualified, and he just needs to say, in my view openly and honestly, what happened at the time and go to the police.”

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said Mr Quinn would have been aged 34 today, and his mother Breege Quinn was still grieving for her son.

“She is looking for answers, looking for truth and looking for justice. I believe she is entitled to that.

“Those who can give her information, truth and justice should do so.”

Asked if Mr Murphy should resign he said: “That is a matter for him.

“This is not something that I want to make part of the election that is happening at the moment. I think we should see it as a human issue.

“This is a woman who is still grieving for her son, who was taken from her in the most brutal fashion.

“She wants an apology, she wants justice, she wants truth and she should get that.

“But we should not make that a political issue in this election, this week, I don’t think.”