Michelle Mone accused of lobbying for second PPE firm connected to husband's office

Further questions have arisen over Michelle Mone's lobbying government ministers for supply contracts during the Covid pandemic <i>(Image: PA)</i>
Further questions have arisen over Michelle Mone's lobbying government ministers for supply contracts during the Covid pandemic (Image: PA)

FRESH scandal has rocked Tory peer Michelle Mone following claims that a second company that she lobbied government ministers for Covid contracts for was, according to The Guardian, a secret entity of her husband’s family office.

The paper reported that Mone lobbied the UK Government on behalf of LFI Diagnostics in an effort to secure a deal to supply lateral flow tests and was warned by a health minister who reminded her of “the need for propriety”.

However, it is reported that the firm was an entity of her husband Douglas Barrowman's office.

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A document seen by The Guardian suggests that LFI Diagnostics as well as PPE Medpro were created to benefit Barrowman’s family.

The file was produced by Anthony Page who runs Barrowman’s family office on the Isle of Man. It lists both firms as “entities” of Mone’s husband’s family office.

A source close to the family said the office’s “entities” are either indirectly or directly owned for the ultimate benefit of Barrowman and his family.

The source added that, while Page runs the family office, Barrowman has the final say over its operation.

This follows reports from The Guardian that a trust designed to benefit Mone and her family was in receipt of £29 million that originated from PPE Medpro profits.

Barrowman and Mone have continually distanced themselves from PPE Medpro and have, through their lawyers, denied any “role” in the way it won government supply contracts.

Mone’s lawyers have also denied that the business tycoon profited from the company.

Details of a Tory peer rebuking Mone over her lobbying on behalf of LFI Diagnostics have also arisen from a letter seen by The Guardian.

Back in July 2021, Lord Bethell wrote to Mone, referencing her “recent correspondence with officials both in DHSC and the [Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency] in respect of LFI Diagnostics”.

The letter concluded: “I would however respectfully remind you of the need for propriety in all dealings with officials.”

Meanwhile, a motion requiring the Government to release papers relating to PPE Medpro’s contracts passed the Commons unopposed on Thursday evening.

The motion also condemned the use of the high-priority lane for PPE contracts.

Barrowman and Mone did not respond when contacted by The Guardian for comment over its claims relating to LFI Diagnostics, PPE Medpro and the firms’ relationship to Barrowman’s family office.