Michelle Rodriguez refused to let her Avatar character come back to life

Michelle Rodriguez has revealed she refused to let her dead Avatar character return for the latest instalment in the franchise.

The long-awaited sequel to the 2009 movie, The Way of Water, was released last year, and saw the return of previously-thought dead character Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang).

However, Rodriguez has revealed that director James Cameron suggested the idea of bringing back her character Trudy Chacón too, despite her death in the first movie.

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"When I saw Jim [Cameron] recently, he was like, 'I was thinking, What if Michelle came back? A lot of the other characters came back [in The Way of Water]'," she told Vanity Fair.

"I was like, 'You can’t do that—I died as a martyr. Jim, I came back in Resident Evil, I wasn’t supposed to. I came back in Machete, I wasn’t supposed to. I came back with Letty, I wasn’t supposed to. We can’t do a fourth, that would be overkill!'"

"I don’t understand, it’s so weird," the actress added. "I guess they don’t know what to do with the girl who doesn’t have a boyfriend. 'She doesn’t have a boyfriend. Should we keep her alive, or kill her?'"

The Way of Water has already become a huge success, surpassing Cameron's own blockbuster Titanic to currently stand as the third-highest grossing movie of all time.

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Rodriguez, who is also known for starring in the Fast & Furious series, can be seen in Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves.

Opening up about why she signed on to the new fantasy movie, the star explained to Digital Spy: "I think my biggest attraction was the idea of doing a movie that I could take my goddaughter to.

"Like, a family-fun movie where I don’t have to worry about all the violence, because most of the movies I do are for teens or above. And so aside from Smurfs and Avatar, I’ve never really worked on anything that was for kids. So I was really happy about this."

Avatar: The Way of Water is available to pre-order from Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store and other digital retailers. The first film is streaming on Disney+.

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