Michelle Yeoh cast in Star Trek: Discovery!


In a recent interview with ComingSoon, Nicholas Meyer (executive producer, and writer of the second episode, on the new series) revealed that Michelle Yeoh would have a part in Star Trek: Discovery.

This is the first piece of casting news we’ve had for Star Trek: Discovery, but it’s certainly of a high calibre; Yeoh is an actress with a very strong resume, from Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, to action movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, to the hit Netflix show Marco Polo.

We don’t, as of yet, know which role Yeoh will take on - however, there are a couple of possibilities. It may be that Yeoh is playing the series’ female lead; a lieutenant commander who will rise through the ranks across the course of the series. It’s also possible, however, that Yeoh might be taking the role of another Starfleet officer; at 54 years of age, Yeoh would be a perfect fit for the role of a Captain.

Star Trek: Discovery is set to begin airing in May 2017; in the US it will be broadcast on CBS All Access, while viewers in the UK can catch the show 24 hours later on Netflix.

Update: It’s now being reported by Deadline that Michelle Yeoh will be playing Han Bo, a Starfleet Captain. Interestingly, she’s not set to be the captain of the Discovery, but rather than Shenzhou, another ship which will reportedly play a pivotal role in the upcoming series.


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