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Michigan governor declares state of emergency in response to May floods in Marquette County

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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has declared a state of emergency in response to flooding that occured in May in Marquette County.

The floods had damaged roads as heavy rainfall hit the area, according to the declaration.

The new state of emergency will open up resources as officials continue to address the damages.

“This declaration ensures Marquette County will have access to additional resources needed to maintain the health and safety of the community,” Governor Whitmer said in a press release.

Marquette County is in the state’s Upper Peninsula. Flooding was centred around the small city of Ishpeming.

The state’s emergency declaration comes as local officials have decided they don’t have the resources to adequately repair the damages, the press release notes.

Flooding was spurred as rainfall hit a local record, the declaration notes, leading to flash floods.

Flash flooding and intense storms could become more common in many parts of the country as greenhouse gases raise the planet’s temperature, a recent study found.

As storms start dumping more and more water in a short period of time, the landscape may not be able to catch up – leading to rapid onset of floods.

Recent flooding events have also hit Yellowstone National Park and its surrouding area, as well as part of rural, southwester Virginia last week.

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