NBC picked an awkward color for its Michigan-Notre Dame 'down-and-distance' scoreboard banner

For fans watching Notre Dame-Michigan on NBC on Saturday, it looked as if a flag had been thrown on every Michigan offensive play. (Getty Images)

No. 12 Notre Dame and No. 14 Michigan got the college football season started with one of the biggest matchups on opening weekend.

For fans not fortunate enough to attend the game in person, though, an oversight on the broadcast made the game difficult to follow on Saturday night.

NBC, who has the broadcasting rights with Notre Dame football in a deal running through 2026, broadcasted the game and debuted its scoreboard for the new season.

Now, the scoreboard didn’t look much different than it has in previous games. However, the biggest difference came on the “down-and-distance” section.

Whenever Notre Dame was on offense, the section was blue. Whenever Michigan was on offense, the section changed to yellow. Sounds like a cool, unique way to distinguish which team has the ball, right?

Except there’s one problem: Every single time Michigan ran an offensive play, it looked as if a flag had been thrown.

The issue drove fans all across the country crazy, and for good reason. They let NBC have it on social media, too.

Now, this problem will only occur when Notre Dame is playing someone who has yellow as a dominant color — so it won’t be an issue every week. And, in reality, the NBC crew probably never realized that the “Michigan” yellow and the “penalty flag” yellow looked the exact same and would confuse viewers when planning for the game.

But still, the annoying “oversight” made the Michigan-Notre Dame game extremely difficult to watch.

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