Mick Lynch Calls For All British Workers To Get A Pay Rise As RMT Announce More Strikes

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Mick Lynch, RMT's general secretary (Photo: Ian Forsyth via Getty Images)
Mick Lynch, RMT's general secretary (Photo: Ian Forsyth via Getty Images)

Mick Lynch, RMT's general secretary (Photo: Ian Forsyth via Getty Images)

Mick Lynch has called for all British workers to get a pay rise as the disputes over railway workers’ salaries continue, and more walkouts have been confirmed.

RMT’s general secretary championed the union’s industrial action when it caused national disruption at the end of June for three days, and subsequently became an internet hero.

Famous for putting the politicians who opposed the demonstrations in their place, Lynch has repeatedly explained that the workers are pushing back against job losses, working conditions and pay.

He was back on the airwaves on Friday to defend RMT’s latest strike action for its union members at Network Rail and 14 trail operators, set to go ahead on 18 and 20 August. Another 24 hours of strike action is also going ahead on July 27.

Other industries from nurses to barristers have been considering strikes ever since RMT caused a stir in June, which has caused alarm in some corners.

Speaking to ITV Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard, Lynch justified the domino effect of RMT’s protest by saying: “It’s realistic for everyone in this country to get a pay rise.

“Corporate Britain is making vast profits, we’ve got more billionaires than we’ve ever had. The super rich are doing very well, thank you very much.

All British workers need a pay rise.

“If our members don’t get a pay rise, this idea that cleaners, nurses, caterers, doctors and retail workers are going to get a pay rise is a nonsense.

“What British workers need is a campaign to get a square deal off corporate Britain and they’re not getting it at the moment.

“People are storing up profits, they’re paying out dividends, and they’re not prepared to pay Britons to correct rate for their labour and that’s got to be addressed.

“We need redistribution of wealth in this country, because it’s all being stored by the people at the top and it’s all being taken away from the people at the bottom.”

He added that ”we do feel sorry for people who are going to be affected,” but the fact is “our members are struggling to pay their bills”.

Lynch also said that “this dispute will not simply vanish” until the industry and the government address the pay problems.

“They need to get serious about providing an offer on pay which helps deal with the cost-of-living crisis, job security for our members and provides good conditions at work.”

Aslef union, made up of train drivers, has also announced it will strike on July 30 with 6,000 more drivers.

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