Miesha's Not Happy, Sarah's Not Happy, Alexis Davis Isn't Even Mentioned: Fan's View

Dana's happy. During the televised portion of Strikeforce Rockhold vs. Jardine on Showtime, UFC President, Dana White, said he's looking forward to the Miesha Tate-Ronda Rousey fight. Given his (former) stance on women fighting, that sounded like music to my ears. video

About half-way through the video, Dana says about Ronda and Miesha, "Two talented fighters, and I say this all the time, mixed martial arts is so respectful and everybody loves each other, but when they don't, it makes it a lot more fun. I'm really looking forward to that fight."

During her on air Strikeforce interview, Miesha Tate announced her intentions to defeat Ronda Rousey and send her "to the back of the (135) line".

I'm looking forward to the fight too. I hope current Strikeforce champion, Miesha Tate is able to take Ronda into deeper water and have the fight last longer than one minute.

Ronda is beefing up her game

One new thing I'd like to see happen is Ronda Rousey stepping up her stare down game to match MMA fighter, Felice Herrig's epic stare down with Nicdali Calanoc in this video .

To prepare for her championship fight with Miesha, Ronda is training with UFC fighters, Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz, Manny Gamburyan and training rubber guard with Eddie Bravo.

Eddie Bravo tweeted, "@rondarousey tortured me with some rubber guard tonight!

Then there's the "Ronda Rousey Technique of the Week: Crossed Legs Ankle Lock video

I wonder what's happening with Ronda's striking game. She hasn't needed to demonstrate it in any of her fights so far. It's time to see what else Ronda can do.

Miesha's not happy and Sarah's not happy

Meanwhile, I'm getting bored with the arguments about why the fight shouldn't have been scheduled in the first place. Seems like there's so much else to talk about.

Miesha says she's not happy about fighting Ronda Rousey for the 135 lbs. Strikeforce championship title.

Sarah Kaufman isn't happy about the match-up either. She thought she was next in line for a title shot. Sarah is hungry to defeat Miesha Tate--for a second time--and regain the championship title.

Both Sarah and Miesha prefer that Ronda, the interloper, fight someone else first. But that's not going to happen unless Ronda Rousey gets hurt and has to pull out of the fight.

Alexis Davis isn't even mentioned

On her website, Sarah--who is a powerful striker and a brown belt in jiu jitsu--responded to the Rousey-Tate fight announcement:

"Let me start with Ronda Rousey reportedly taking my title shot. I am NOT happy. I've been fighting with Strikeforce for the past 3 years and in that time have gone 5-1 and won and defended the 135lb Title. Since my only loss in Oct 2010, I've come back to win 2 fights and earn the right to re-challenge for the title….until Ronda told the public she wanted to (take) the 135 title fight with Miesha Tate because she was marketable and wasn't ready to fight Cyborg at 145lbs."

Seems like Sarah feels unappreciated and thinks Ronda has more influence over the general public than she does.

More from Sarah's blog: "I can agree with others that Ronda has had some impressive performances in her first 4 fights, but definitely hasn't earned the right to fight for a title in a division she has NEVER competed in. I think many people feel the way I do (including Miesha), but unfortunately it's looking like the fight is going to happen anyway. All I can do is say my piece and continue fighting and pushing forward. I am happy to be fighting for Strikeforce, but I don't just want to be NEAR the top. I want to be back ON the top!"

Sarah Kaufman (14-1) vs. Alexis Davis (11-4) is scheduled for the March event, Strikeforce Barnett vs. Cormier, on March 3rd. Two big name, female MMA fights on the same Strikeforce card--that's a big deal. But, Sarah neglected to mention her opponent in her most recent blog post.

Sarah is a formidable challenge for any one at 135

From July 2011: Here's Sarah Kaufman in her last visit to the Strikeforce cage vs. Liz Carmouche, video

On October 1st, 2011: Sarah was promoted to brown belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. "I have to thank my coach Adam Zugec and professor Marcus Soares for giving me my brown belt in BJJ. I'm in shock and definitely worried about defending it properly. I guess I don't have much choice but to keep training hard and make my instructors proud."

Everything's going Ronda's way

With Cyborg out of the picture for her one year suspension for using steroids, Ronda may also get the opportunity to fight for the championship at 145 lbs. She's at the front of that line.

Sarah Kaufman shared her thoughts on Cyborg's troubles in the same blog post: "My second thought has to do with Cyborg and the positive steroid test. I think it's really unfortunate for the other females of the sport as we need positive attention to help us get further into the public. It's no surprise to many (myself included) that Cyborg has taken some banned substances in the past. I mean if you look at Cris she has an extremely muscular build and vascularization that females generally can't attain through just diet and exercise. That being said, Cris is an amazing person and fighter…and I believe she would have accomplished all she has done without enhancements. I wish her all the best over the next year."

Source: Facebook, Twitter, for fight and fighter info

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