You Might Not Be Able To Watch Netflix In The EU After Brexit

Isabel Togoh

You could be locked out of your Netflix account when travelling to EU countries if the UK leaves without a deal, according to newly released Government papers.

This is because services provided by broadcasters outside the UK may not be available to viewers in Britain, while UK providers could be locked out of the EU.

As a member of the EU, the UK has been under rules that allow citizens to enjoy programming from all over the bloc through TV and on-demand providers, through a license issued by the communications regulator, Ofcom.

Once the UK leaves the EU, it will no longer fall under that regulation, so licences for certain services may be restricted.

It would be up to EU countries to decide how to deal with UK media providers.

In response to today’s papers, Labour shadow Brexit secretary Keri Starmer said: “The Government’s no deal planning won’t reassure anyone. Ministers have barely scratched the surface of what would need to be done in the event of the UK crashing out od the EU without a deal.

“Despite the so-called deal planning, the Government has yet to admit that a no deal would require a raft of substantial legislation to  be rushed through Parliament, crucial stop gap agreements with the EU on matter relating to Northern Ireland and security, and the recruitment of thousands of custom officials. 

He added that none of these measures would be ready by next March, and added: “The only reason the Tories are talking about no deal is because their civil war on Europe has put any chance of a good deal for Britain at risk.